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health care. >> gross margins are beautiful. >> they recently reported lower profits. keepoon eye on it. >> that's it for us. keep it right here for the number one business block with cheril casone and cashin n. namericans flooded the stores big labor holding big strikes with some of the shipping ports. they will block holiday gifts from making it under your tree and disrupt the important money making shopping season. nwelcome to cashin in. we have wayne rogers and johnathon honic and joining us this holiday week. we have that as well welcome to all of you tracey, all of these actions in the port and west coast. you think it is it a threat to
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retailers. christmas is it right around the corner. >> retailers use the season to take the numbers from the red to the black. this is their bread and butter. anything in the way could hurt them as a result hurt them and the jobs and economy. you can see what is happening with our twinkie and hostess and all . people who make them. they are out of the a job because of union workers who are demanding more. be lucky you have a job right now. >> wayne, if you look at thanksgiving to news years. and this is it super bowl for retailers for profits and unions know that and the timing is rough, don't you think? >> i don't see it that way. timing is off. you have merchandise in the tore right now. you caint sell it for the holiday season. what happens on black friday and going forward into the christmas season. all of that merchandise has to be here. you have to ordered that
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months ago. these strikes are not hurting it hurts the walmart protest that could hurt shopping. port authority in oakland not necessarily behaved. they are one of the mot notorous unions. >> and at the same time certainly labor has a right to have their voice and issues whether it is health care or pay. >> they are choosing america's holiday season to get their message across and get their employers on the spot. you think that turns the sentiment against the unions. nit is not the best pr strategy. if i put my historian hat on here a bit. work is more hexploited in tough times. it is it the rise of the unions and the port problem as
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it were. they were violating the california state laws. we are talking about the union and so far. this is it a problem. njohnathon wayne mentioned the port of oakland and six percent of all u.s. goods. that is the union's point to cause disruption and hurt the economy. and i tell you, they have every right to strike but the employers have the right to kick the ass to the curve. a job is a mutually agreeable trade. employers offering a job and if they don't like hit the brickings. >> do you think it is for the economy over all. we are in a fiscal cliff and rough waters here and now this to deal with?
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>> i think it could be bad for the economy. they have the merchandise and this is not going to affect thanksgiving shopping season and christmas most likely. but look at history. 1948 we had five million workers on strike and it crippled the economy. the taft hartley act brought back the boom. that is it breaking of the unions and created the boom that eisenhower had. if these union heads go forward. this could hurt the economy. >> tracey, you made the point about the retailers, it could hurt the consumer spending as well the economy needs that right now. and economist looking to the holiday shopping season to get big numbers out. >> cheril, i am a last minute shopper and i disagree that they have everything in for the season. stuff comes in down to the
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wire in so many small businesses if you don't have what i am looking for when i generally get out there, i am not buying it that hurts the over all economy. and look. at the unions what are you doing? people are dying for jobs and you are basic lie treating it like you throw it away. nand why the only place they are growing in the municipal. private sector learned from steel workers and airlines and education and pier point twinkies as well >> i am curious. what do you think. talk and it is it fine with just the accent. we are seeing a sea ship. >> two sides to every story and there has to be shared sacrifice. and as far as hostess. management didn't keep up with the times and taking huge bonus when their company was
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bankrupt and there are two sides to every story and everybody is in it together. >> timing is it the problem. >> it is it a shared sacrifice between a employery and employee. it is it a shared trade. ther pushing wage levels up to unsustainable and leaves in hostess it can lose all jobs and can happen in the port. too. ngoods that are shipped through the crucial ports on the west coast. we are talking about the holiday season right now. if we still see the organized labor disruption continue in 2013? >> it could. that part is true going forward. with all due respect, tracey. yoining any merchant has not ordered all of his stuff and taken deliver i by that stuff now. if you wait until the last
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minute to shop you are not getting it not because it was not shipped or in the store. that is it because someone else bought it it is it already there. if you have any since at all and we run some. we ordered all of that stuff and it is it all done you come back to the part about the unions. i am disappointed that we didn't discuss more about the twinkie situation . that mexican firm bimbo is going to buy it. >> and we are trying to discourage john than from eating on the show. >> he can weigh 130 pounds. let him eat all he wants. >> john, you get the last word on all of this. the next month is crucial for the retailers. big, big it is it their super bowl. >> we want to look at the average union worker who carries his lunch pail. he deserves the benefits. the problem is the unioned has.
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a reason from 40 percent in the 50s to single digits right now, because they ever inive and contrary to business and i believe they are crooked as the politicians who gave them too many benefits >> shopping for sturgery in the country. more workers telling them to pack up and taking a trip for medical operations. this out of the line? [ male announcer ] with over 50 delicious choices of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪
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ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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and extra benefits... all in one complete plan... for a $0 monthly premium. no more than what you already pay for medicare part b. other benefits can include 100% coverage for an annual physical and immunizations, vision and hearing coverage -- and prescriptions as low as $2... at pharmacies and retail locations like these. ♪ don't wait. let's get you on the right path. call today to enroll in a plan from unitedhealthcare, like aarp medicarecomplete. >> they have the baby. it is delivering babies. and it is hip replacementings.
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and that is for everybody yeah? >> i think it is it a terrific idea. for example the california state employee's union. they went to shop a hip replacement and they got $15000 to $150,000 they put a limit of $30,000 and all of the helps come back in and said yes, we'll do it for that price. that tells you competition in a free market system works bringing down prices and de do dimunition in service. more we medical care in all kinds of ways, better prices we get and better than obama care. >> but john, i am curious what you think about they go out and search around.
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and it is it it is 100 percent. and there is no reason. and thyself guys need to have pencil and ledger system in the computer world. they need to be transparent. it is complications . and let me and you and that is it a version of health care over seas. you think we can fix the problems we have here in this country? >> it might be. this is the greatest country
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in the world. you hope you get health care on your door step. it costs every american $8000 a year. that is two can half more than other industrialized nations. doubles pay double what everybody else pays for drugs. lower the health care costs. but travel, people don't want to travel away from their family it is it heartbreaking. >> at the same time a major american company. krogre for example. it is cheaper if you go to the state next door. but they are paying for the employees. >> and people will drive to the state next door to buy a car or booze but not get a hip replace tomit save 20,000. of course they would. you shop for sweaters and automobiles and why not hip
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replacement. we don't have the free market in health care and that's why we can't get it on our door step and obama care pushes us away from the free market. >> and shopping can be beneficial for consumers. their out of pocket costs can be high. and if they are going to save 10 grand they will do it. >> it is part process. and people do it for plastic surgery and things that are not covered, people are stingy with their own dollars. and that's what will make it. >> it goes down in price. >> if i have to dig in my pocket every time i need a procedure, i think twice of how much i pay. if i presume someone else is covering it i don't care. >> now we know how johnathon looks as good as he does. wayne, what do you make of this? >> you think we'll see it
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continue not just with kroger. >> it is going on for sometime. people are flying to india tolet caribbean and various place us to get a procedure because it was done well and cheaper. and so it can happen here. we need a free market system with competition to prove that, that's all. >> it seems like that is one thing we do differently here than other countris and that is having more competition. tort reform not so much. but competition. >> i come from a count reap where the country is the government who are forcing all of the prices down. you need competition. fundmentally americans are paying too much and they are suffering. >> go out in new york and shop a knee replacement. you will find the bill all over the charts is no transparency in the hospital.
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you force them to be transparent. >> still doctors out there to beef up want bill to cover other costs including malpractice insurance. which is why we need tort reform. >> and you are telling me aspirin doesn't cost ever upon you? buy a home in america you can get automatic citizenship. we debate and you decide.
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we'll look at the impact morsi's decision is having on ejust a minute. larry hagman who created one of the supreme vill yannels. jr ewing of dallas fame died from complications from cancer. hagman gained fame on i dream of genie and earned the greatest fame as jr so far holiday sales are good and thanksgiving day start was a big success. we'll crunch the numbers and steve forbes rejoins us and the fiscal cliff looms large and country star ricky skags. stay with us. . >> just as we are getting
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signs that housing is turning around. another nation showing us how t. spain offering foreigners permanent citizenship. will this help america's housing market do you think? >> it should be residency and not citizenship. we had seven million immigrants coming to this country and buying homes and shopping in target and we have a hugely beneficial imact on the economy and attract the right kind of immigrants and want to work here and every immigrant has a right to come here. it is free to buy home as well. >> oh, my god. mexican drug lords with gobs of cash can buy and we give them citizenship. it is crazy. it is totally crazy it takes more than money to be citizen of the united states of america. it is it a privilege and not just something for people with
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cash. >> i didn't see that one coming. >> fox news alert. i agree with johnathon. i am not sure this ever. trust me, it is really, really hard to be here in the greatest country in the world. but it does put job creators off who could do. london we are kind half of large properties are bought by foreigners and it adds 25 billion to the london economy. and that can be shift tod places in the uk that are not fortunate. it would help the american necessary my view. >> i can understand why spain did no one is buying homes and we have high unemployment in the u.s.. >> i agree with johnathon and you tend to agree with smart people i am not sure what tracey has against drug lords. >> i am an immigrant. >> this country was built on
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immigration. it should not be doubled but multiplied by 100. >> and that's what i am doing. tracey, i grateagree with what you are saying. if we are relying on foreigners to tanglewood resort properties incorporation up our housing market, we are in a basket here. we need jobs and an economy that is booming and housing market takes care of itself. bringing in foreigners that are rich and that is a separate issue. >> that would bring monep in the united states and those foreigners would create jobs here? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. but john is right. you can't confuse immigration with housing. i mean that is crazy. you mix tup. housing has its own problems and ours is cured all of the time. we are better off. and sphain has a differentization england with all due respect. people running aught of france because of the tax policies that are -- buying real estate in england
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excuse, i thought i was talking, i am sorry. and i think, i think that you can't confuse the twompt john is right. put housing policy in one thing and there is it a difference between residency and citizenship. and to buy a house and be a resident is a different thing than citizenship those rules are different in every nation. >> we'll take a break. we want to thank imogen. >> thank you for having me. >> one stock that keeps on climbing even if we fall off the fiscal cliff and go back in recession. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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>> it is it time for what i need to know for next week. . >> we talk about al gore and the carbon tax no one is buying into it not evenlet cia. we'll see if it is taxpayer money .
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>> they have other issues on their books wayne rockerings. >> you are looking for a steady stock. check out protective lights. i own it. >> like it and john what you got. >> grouchy marx. the death of apple is overexagerated. they have a great holiday season. >> they have sold a lot of stuff. >> john than what do you have this week. >> the utilities like the southern and excel are so week. it is it a fun that goes up when utilities go down. it is it looking at strooks like this to go up. >> johnathon how do you feel about the rest of the year. you feel good or not. >> it is governed in washington right now. they are - trying to look long term and have a government that can't look 40 days out.

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